Durable and appealing to the touch: shapeable and embossable UV and EBH coating systems for aluminium, stainless steel and artificial leather.

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Furniture surfaces - feel, chemical stability, anti-fingerprint

Furniture supplier industry

From high-gloss to super matt: UV and EBH coating systems for various plastic foils and plates – with impressive surface functions, such as soft-feel and anti-fingerprint effect.

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Nano-modified coating systems for architecture


Anti-graffiti or protective effect for digital prints: UV and EBH coating systems for exterior use with various surface properties.

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UV-transparent coating systems - 100% solvent free

UV ink / inkjet

Special and individually coordinated – 100% digital print colour sets and transparent varnishes for use in the field of industrial inject printing.

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UV or EBH coating systems for plastic surfaces

Advertising and packaging industry

Protective and surface effects: UV and EBH coating systems for the refinement of plastic foils.

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Cetelon Nanotechnology
utilizes state-of-the-art production systems to manufacture conventional and nano-modified radiation-curing coating systems.

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