About us

A brief overview.

Cetelon Nanotechnik GmbH utilizes state-of-the-art production systems to manufacture conventional and nano-modified radiation-curing coating systems. High quality demands combined with a pronounced service philosophy are prerequisites of our work.

Cetelon Nanotechnology – Pure innovation: Our coating systems are developed and modified on the basis of the requirements of our customers. In their development work, our dedicated and highly qualified employees can make use of a highly modern and extensively equipped technical centre and test lab. We also have access to state-of-the-art production technology for our patent-protected manufacturing procedure.

Cetelon Nanotechnik GmbH is a full subsidiary of Cetelon Lackfabrik GmbH. Cetelon has been a part of the Berlac Group since 2011.

In our technical centre, we have access to:

  • all common application procedures (e.g. flexo, offset and deep-drawing)
  • various UV driers
  • Excimer technology
  • EBH
  • Coating technology
  • Cutan coating
  • Nozzle application

In our well-equipped measuring and test labs, we have access to:

  • All test devices for certification in the automotive industry
  • Weathering instrumentation
  • for all surface testing devices for the furniture industry
  • Optical and inferometric measuring technology
  • Vacuum thermoforming machine
  • Cupping test devices
  • Spectroscopy
  • Chromatographic analysis devices
  • Measurement devices for the determination of varnish characteristics


Customer satisfaction has the utmost priority,, we are convinced that we can achieve this with
high-quality and reliable products. As early as the stages of
the customer-oriented development of our products, their quality is always of utmost focus.
The selection of quality-determining parameters, which have to be defined within the framework of each goods shipping
and receiving process, is based on the many years of the experience
of our expert employees and the collaboration with our customers.
Our regularly trained employees can make use of the very latest state-of-the-art measuring devices
to monitor defined test criteria. Our
existing spectroscopic, chemical and physical analysis methods
are constantly expanded and are available to our customers for any
analytical issues they may have with their processing procedures.

Our Quality Management system documents and records
tests. The traceability of the used raw materials and the
production process are ensured at all times.

The quality of our products is a contributing factor to the success of our customers
and technical innovations and increasing requirements for the end product
for us, means the constant further development of our products to
meet the future quality requirements of our customers.


The company philosophy of Cetelon Nanotechnik GmbH focuses the protection of
health, safety and the environment far beyond the prescription of legal requirements. By
using our solvent-free UV varnishes, the emission of
hazardous volatile compounds are avoided, so that
these so-called 100% formulations are a main focus of our
development work.

For the sustainable treatment of the limited resources
of our environment, saving energy by means of US-curable
formulations can be achieved in the curing of coating in terms of energy consumption in
comparison to classic coating systems. This form of energy saving
can be further increased with the use of LED technology,
which is why the developments in this field are a key element
of our research. We meet our responsibility in the field of energy consumption
by using renewable energy source and
strive to reduce energy consumption through the continuous improvement of our production
processes. The avoidance of waste is an important
principle of our waste management system, which applies the principle
“Avoidance before recycling. Recycling before disposal”.

By collaborating in funded projects with various public institutes,
we actively work on the procurement of scientific information on the
lifecycle of the raw materials that we use. With this information,
we can make sound statements toward our customers in terms of environmental aspects in connection
with our products relating to handling, use and

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